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Packet8 delivers residential and business services. On the B2B business side, Virtual Office is a hosted iPBX communications solution that delivers high quality digital voice services combined with flexible features for small businesses and call centers. With Virtual Office hosted iPBX services, there are no on-site hardware requirements, thereby reducing start-up costs, capital expenditures and resulting in reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Plans are very flexible service and offer complete scalability. Aptela

Aptela boasts of being the next generation of business communications, comprised of a web-based service that replaces traditional telephone lines and costly telephone systems. Aptela delivers everything included in a top of the line phone system, but also adds capabilities not available elsewhere. With only a broadband connection, you can use Aptela's robust business VoIP service and save significant money compared to traditional phone service. AmTel

AmTel is the largest Authorized Toshiba and Avaya Communications Business Partner based in Houston, Texas. The company is ranked #10 in the Houston Book of Lists in 1999 and #83 in Teleconnect Magazines largest telephone equipment companies list in the United States. AmTels primary business is comprised of sales, service and installation of business telephone systems, voice mail, computer networks, computer telephone, IVR, data/fiber optic cabling and Internet products. Quest

Qwest® OneFlex® is a relatively new type of phone service that uses your high-speed Internet connection to make and receive phone calls instead of using standard telephone lines. With Quest VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol), you get broadband phone service that gives you more features and puts you in control. US LEC

Service, Technology and Reliability are the three cornerstone of US LEC. When business customers look for a proven telecommunications provider, these are the most relevant factors that immediately come to mind. US LEC is a leading competitive telecommunications provider which recognizes that today’s business customer has a wide range of choices when it comes to communications. That's why US LEC continues to thrive with its well honed customer-centric business model, providing comprehensive IP, data, Internet and voice solutions to medium and large businesses and enterprise organizations throughout the Eastern United States. Gotalk

GOtalk Australia is owned by Telecorp Limited, a service oriented communications company that was formed in March 2000 with a focus on providing customer-driven, value-added services. Telecorp supports businesses, consumers and retailers with a wide range of communication products. These solutions include calling card services (both prepaid and postpaid), complete voice services (including local calls and line rental), postpaid mobile services, Internet services (both broadband and dialup), teleconferencing and messaging. Telecorp is an Australian owned publicly unlisted company with sales in excess of $150 million per annum and over 300 staff Australia wide. GoBeam

GoBeam offers small and medium size businesses an end-to-end, fully managed voice telephony solution. GoBeam users get all the voice features formerly reserved for large enterprises, without purchasing equipment and without the burdensome management time and costs. GoBeam installs its service, trains GoBeam users and provides complete customer support. Review Tips and Comments

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